Fugl Fønix 40x40 Gouache

Introduction in english


to painting- and shaping Artist

Hanne Marie Elmo Jensen - her work and place


Bakkegårdsvej 4 på Hindsholm/Fyn is home for my dreams that have come true.

After a worklife as librarian and psychotherapist I have let my hobbies fill my life.

As if the universe have answered my calling I found this place filled with little houses and a garden.

I have always been creative and used my hands to shape. Now retired I have time painting and playing with clay – making objects to show in my little Gallery next to my home.

A dream left to be created is to form a little Labyrinth in my backyard for people to walk for inspiration. My maininterest in life have been psychology and spiritual/personal development -  and how to “walk the way” to fulfill your life’s purpose and your higher Self.

I am fond of meeting all kind of people and exchange views and lifestoryes.

Therefore I also have a little B&B accommodation during the summer-season, where I can receive tourist. Look up the fotoes and prices here on the site.

My paintings are grown out of my passion for mandala’s – eastern religious map for spiritual growth and a tool in C.G.Jungs analytical psychology. I no longer paint the original mandalaform, but are inspired by the geometry as the buildingbrick in the universe.

My way of painting and using motives are developing all the time as a natural result of searching for the inner truth. In the meaning of life, in the human being and the material I am forming with my hands.

I hope you will find peace and inspiration here on my land.

Have a good time!